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Cookie Policy

Cookies at RightBiz
At RightBiz we use a range of cookies to ensure that our users have an excellent user experience on our website. Cookies used by RightBiz are absolutely harmless and secure; we intend to provide all of our users a safe and seamless experience. Listed below are all of the obligatory cookies which we use, we describe in extensive detail of why we use these cookies and how they benefit our users.

If a user would like to restrict access to their cookies, then they can do so by using their browser/device settings. For further information on cookies, please visit the following web page:
Necessary Cookies
These cookies are required by RightBiz so that users may securely browse through the pages of RightBiz and use its features. Without these cookies, the website will not be able to bring together both the user experience and the security to a satisfactory level. There are a few cookies that may need to stay on the browser for more longer than others.

For our users we have essential cookies to ensure users are authenticated properly when they are accessing our login pages or their personal details. These type of cookies help RightBiz to stay as secure as possible. For further details on the security of RightBiz, please contact our support team:
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Cookie Purpose Duration
ID_my_site Manages RightBiz brokers login. 1 week
Key_my_site Manages RightBiz brokers login. 1 week
PHPSESSID Used for remembering user actions from page to page. Session
layout To save user preference for viewing our website on a mobile device. 1 week
nojavascript To distinguish if the user's web browser has JavaScript enabled. Session
rb_useralert Used for retrieving the user for alerts. 3 months
rb_usermsg Used for speeding up the process for buyers to contact sellers. 3 months
rb_username Used for retrieving the username of the member. 3 months
rb_code Manages RightBiz member login. 3 months
rb_buypaid Manages RightBiz member login. 3 months
rb_user Manages RightBiz member login. 3 months
rb_premseller To distinguish premium seller. 3 months
rightbiz-ref Used for RightBiz URL reference. 1 month
cookie_policy Saves user's cookie preferences on our website. 1 year
cookies_enabled To distinguish whether the user has cookies enabled or not. 1 hour
rightbiz_diagnosis Used for user diagnostics on RightBiz. 24 hours
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Performance cookies
These cookies collect and monitor certain anonymous information including how visitors use RightBiz and which device they are using. This vital information helps us improve our service to users by analysing the recorded anonymous data given to us.
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Cookie Purpose
Google Analytics Tracks how users browse the website, this is used so that we can improve the website according to these statistics.
Google Ads Tracking pay per click advertising on the website
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Functionality Cookies
These cookies allow users to set and store preferences for our website. The following cookies allows our users to use selected social media websites to share pages of RightBiz.
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Cookie Purpose
Facebook Social media integration
Google+ Social media integration
YouTube Social media/video integration
Twitter Social media integration
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Interest-based advertising
RightBiz uses a trusted 3rd party advertising company Google Ads to deliver a more personalised and related selection of advertisements when browsing through our website.
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Cookie Purpose
Google Google Ads displays and manages various online advertising media and text around RightBiz. See Google Advertising.
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