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Package Business Offer Selling Online And No Stock Needed At All With Full Training Given Premium Advert

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Referencemaxrev / RightBiz
Advert ID193058
LocationBirmingham, West Midlands
SectorInternet Businesses, Home Business, E Commerce Businesses
Freehold Price£3,000
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Kids toys and gadgets/tech items are a massive pull at any time of year as lets face it, kids (or big kids) will never let up about wanting them and the clever companies that make them really do hammer the adverts home in the shops, on the internet and through television - there is no escape from it - with this business you are free to sell any products you wish and can have a range that is as eclectic or as insular as you want.

More and more people are looking to make money in and around a regular job, others are wanting to find a way to totally replace their regular income with something more substantial and in the package below you are offered exactly that - a business that you can dial up or down as much as you like.

We are offering a totally freehold opportunity setting you up on eBay with trusted suppliers and an amazon business so you can follow the same footsteps, you also get a beautifully structured website and full business support including access to thousands of genuine suppliers offering fantastic margins.

You are more than welcome to come and visit us in person of course and we can arrange this by appointment at just 24 hours notice.

What's included in the business?

1) EBay pro shop designed to truly engage your clients,
2) Amazon seller account fully optimised,
3) E-commerce website, so that in total you have x3 solid revenue streams all making money at the same time.
4) Suppliers details which we have been in business with for many years and once you have been in business with them for a few months they will actually look at funding (a line of credit) if this is what you would like.
5) Training and support from the experts so you can follow the footsteps of the most successful sellers.

Ask Yourself these questions -:

* Where can you buy a business with the opportunity to turnover £10k to £20k a month?
* Where or how can you get someone who is very successful to show you all the tweaks of the trade?
* How can you get an online business that looks and runs in a truly professional manner?
* Who can offer you the highest quality suppliers in wholesale, manufacturing and dropshipping?
* Who can show you other successful traders who are doing extremely well and where can you find the same for only £3000

This is not a franchise where you are sharing your profit with the franchise owner and is in not MLM, pyramid selling affiliate selling or some other fanciful scheme - your own all facets of this business 100%

This is a freehold business and not a franchise but with the free help and support from the professionals, the people who have been selling online for a very long time and know all of the tweaks and manipulations that will thrust your products into the spotlight.

We can provide many social media followers and generate huge numbers to your Facebook and Twitter accounts and there is an option to have these included in the offer for this package - up to 10'000 followers.

Contact us on the details provided and we will be in touch asap.
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